Yoga Class Schedule – Rixie Dennison – Winter 2018

I teach the following classes at the Sun & Moon Studio in Fairfax, Virginia.  You may register for classes on-line at the studio’s website.  If you have not taken a class at Sun and Moon, your first class is FREE.  My style of teaching is an openhearted, gentle, warm and I provide non-judgmental, safe environment for everyone to personally and spiritually grow on their yoga mat.  Recently my teachers are Erich Shiffman – Freedom Style, and Baxter Bell, Yoga for Healthy Aging.  I have also been recently inspired by Leslie Kaminoff – of The Breathing Project.  I am bringing these styles together to create classes that are subtly challenging AND gently urging you forward on your path of being YOU.  You may step in to any of my classes at any time during the session and feel welcomed.  Consider just signing up for 6 weeks and giving my classes a try 🙂

                                   Winter Schedule – January 2-March 26, 2018

6:15 – 7:30 p.m.
Begins Tuesday, January 2nd Yoga for Healthy Aging**** 12 weeks
Friday 6 p.m.-7:15 p.m. Begins Friday, January 5 Yoga for Healthy Aging


12 Weeks

****This is a class based on a course of 37 essential practices correlated to increased healthy life span. The practices include static, dynamic, and restorative poses focused on flexibility, agility, balance and strength. This class is appropriate for anyone who’s looking to take their yoga with them through many years ahead. We recommend that students have taken a minimum of one full quarter of Level 1.