About Coaching

Coaching is a unique partnership between you (the client) and the coach, through which you are empowered to make desired changes in your life. It is with the everyday choices we make for our mind, body, emotions, and spirit that we can create a successful, healthy, balanced life.

Our lives have become so complex and opportunities so plentiful that exploring what’s important to us as individuals is the quickest and often the only way to know exactly what to change.

When we identify and move beyond those things that are holding us back, we can create the life we really want. Rixie’s gentle yet firm coaching method has helped many individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and a life of rewarding significance.

Questions coaching can explore:  What do you really want in life?  What makes you feel energized and fulfilled?  What are you doing when you are in the flow of the Universe?  What are your true values?  Are you setting your goals based on YOUR values?

Imagine having a person in your life whose soul purpose is to be there for you unconditionally and to lead you to the answers to those questions.  A professional coach also helps you to clarify your values, articulate your goals based on your values and define an action plan.  A coach then challenges you and supports you to make your dream reality and be there when you need a nudge to get to the next step.

Where Coaching Helps
Closing the gap between where you are and where you REALLY want to be!

  • Helping you get “unstuck”
  • Finding your passion in life and start living it rather than dreaming about it
  • Creating more energy
  • Enjoying the present more
  • Physically feeling better
  • Beginning to notice the small things
  • Stop stressing and lighten up!
  • Beginning to WANT to take better care of your body and enjoying the process!

How Does It Work?
Rixie works by phone and through e-mail.  It is called telecoaching.  Telecoaching is the ultimate in convenience for your busy lifestyle.  You can call from your office, your kitchen or your backyard.  The process usually begins with a complimentary 60-minute session.  We will explore where you are, complete some assessments and then schedule a regular 45-minute appointment for each week.

What Does This Cost?
Rixie will meet with you first to investigate more of what you need and then will be happy to discuss fees and other details with you.  Included in the fee are your coaching calls, any in between time you need with Rixie, regular e-mailing and the resources of a very rich coaching community.

Sign me up now!

Not sure?  The first session is always complimentary.  For your first complimentary session contact me now.

Who Do I love to Coach?
I coach individuals who feel stuck in the left brain world.  I can coach you on being YOU.  That it is OK and absolutely necessary to be YOU – if you are creative and afraid to show it and use it in your professional or personal life – I can help!  If you are a VERY sensitive person and don’t understand why other people can do so much more than you – that you require much more quiet and down time than the rest of the world – I can support and show you ways to get that absolute necessary time for YOU!

If you are looking for a coach who is creative, intuitive, sensitive and gentle – who will listen, encourage, support where YOU are and being who YOU are, and at the same time can gently move you one little step at a time closer to your intentions — I am the coach for you!