Who is Rixie Dennison?

With more than 15 years as a healing arts practitioner, and founder of Mandala Healing Arts, my mission is to realize a world where everyone is living a balanced, healthy lifestyle — where each individual becomes conscious of their gifts, and reorients their lives in order to share those gifts.

My own journey of self-discovery began when I felt a “hole in my soul.” When I looked around I perceived everyone’s life moving along except mine. Not knowing where to turn, I started to take Yoga classes, hired a life coach, which was “cutting-edge” back then and simply asked for a lot of help. I began to learn how to connect with my inner self and to take care of my mind, my body, my emotions, and my spirit.

Through the experience of working on my inner self, I have created my dream life that includes holistic life coaching, Reflexology and as a Yoga teacher at the Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Fairfax, Virginia. I am convinced that the benefits of yoga and life coaching combined with the healing touch of reflexology can unlock everyone’s ability to live a balanced life.

Over the years, I have facilitated weekend yoga retreats locally and a two-week women’s spiritual retreat in Tulum Mexico in February the last 7 years. My coaching practice has included both individual and group coaching as well as mentoring women in various levels of personal and professional development. I have lead hundreds of creative and yoga workshops that are always well-attended and FUN!

My newest passion is Yoga for 12 Step Recovery that I have created for anyone interested in enhancing their personal life or recovery program. Please e-mail me for more information on my private and group offerings.  And, read more about the program here.