More About Therapeutic-grade

How to be sure your essential oils are therapeutic-grade

While not everyone has ready access to scientific analyses of essential oils, these questions can help you determine if a product is therapeutic grade:
  • Are the fragrances subtle, rich, organic, and delicate?
  • Do they feel natural?
  • Do the fragrances vary from batch to batch as an indication that they are pure and painstakingly distilled in small batches rather than industrially processed and mixed on a large scale?
  • Does your supplier grow and distill its own organically grown herbs?
  • Are the distillation facilities part of the farm where the herbs are grown so they are freshly distilled — or do the herbs lose their potency as they wait for weeks to be transported and processed?
  • Does your supplier use low pressure and low temperature to distill essential oils and preserve all of their fragile chemical constituents?
  • Are the distillation cookers vertical rather than horizontal?
  • Are they fabricated from costly stainless steel alloys to reduce the likelihood of the oils chemically reacting with metal?
  • Does your supplier have representatives traveling worldwide to personally inspect the fields and distilleries where the herbs are grown and distilled?
  • Does your supplier buy directly from the grower?
  • Does your supplier scrutinize the facilities to ensure that no synthetic chemicals are used?