“Rixie facilitates personal transformation on the most profound level. Rixie draws from a broad spectrum of personal experience and professional training to guide us through the process of redefining our lives and realigning our spirits.  With nurturing support and sensitivity, she allows us to discover and define our core values. From her work with Mandalas, we see our vision.

Life Coaching

“During my first conversation with Rixie, I realized that she was the coach for me.  Her listening ear and spiritual — yet common sense — approach helped me believe in my goal of building a more balanced, peaceful and rewarding life. She also provided practical suggestions on how to achieve my dream. Her guidance and keen sense of observation helped me open doors that continue to open today.”  Lisa K.

“I found Rixie’s Life Coaching to be one of the best investments I’ve made for my future.  For many years, I knew I wasn’t moving along my path.  I had lots of ideas about what I thought I wanted, but no cear plan.  I felt I was spinning.  That’s where Mandala Coaching was so beneficial.  With Rixie’s guidance, I was able to stop the spinning, formulate a plan based on my true values, and set off on my path.  Thanks!  Rixie”  Beth Hearrell

“Through her knowledge and practice of Yoga, we develop peace and balance.  With her professional coaching, we create the structure and techniques to help us fulfill our life long dreams.” — Maureen Clyne, Prasada Yoga

“Working with Rixie helped me to revitalize my life.  She uses creativity and spirituality not only for inspiration, but to clarify, organize and energize my values and personal vision.  Working with the mandalas provided me an invaluable resource and vehicle for discovering, expressing, and exploring my goals, dreams and passions.  She is the best!” — Karen Buehler

“Rixie’s Mandala Workshops have provided an outlet for my creativity that enriches my life. I now draw Mandalas on a regular basis. Drawing a mandala provides structured time for meditation and helps me identify emotions, allowing me to claim them and not remain in internal conflict. The workshops bring focus and intensity to the process in a joyful caring atmosphere.”

“Rixie’s coaching has transformed my life. Using her gentle but firmly supportive coaching method, she has effectively guided me along my path of creating a much happier and fulfilling life for myself.”  —  Lee Westel

“Working with Rixie was a wonderful, supportive experience.  She asked me all the right questions to keep me true to a holistic path that combines my work and my life.  I’m right on track.  Thanks, Rixie.” — Christina Montana